Get Involved

If you think you are not able to participate - think again! This event is not just for youth (adults are welcome). During this event we will need many people not just to stand but to be the support team for those who are standing. Here are just a few examples of how you can help:

  • Set-up/Tear down
  • Registration
  • Nurse's Station (We need certified nurses, doctors, paramedics, etc.)
  • Security (Off-duty officers)
  • Teams to organize and pass out food
  • Entertainers and Game directors
  • Errand Runners
  • Announcers for speakers, bands, etc.
  • Time Regulators (1 per 20 standers) to keep track of break times

If you physically cannot stand for 25 hours, don't feel like you are immediately excluded from this event - you're not! You can be a part of a relay team where one person stands for a given amount of time then rests; while you are not standing you can assist any of the above jobs.

If you feel concern regarding safety matters, we will have off-duty officers present at all times. If you still feel that it is necessary, it is certainly okay for you to stand only for certain increments of time during the day.