Global Directors

Tiphanie Uland - Global Communications Co-Director

Tiphanie is an 18 year old Exercise Science/Youth and Family Ministry Major attending Abilene Christian University. She was one of the teens that was able to attend the Christian Book Expo and since that time she has been working non-stop to get Vertigoup and running. Her work ethic has been invaluable to the current success of Vertigo.

Whitney Herrington - Global Communications Co-Director and Global Sponsorships Co-Director

Whitney is a 17 year old junior at Abilene High School. She was also one of the teens that was able to attend the Christian Book Expo. Whitney was the main spokesperson at the book expo and after pitching the idea to Alex and Brett Harris with shaky hands she continued to speak with book publishers, and various other persons with incredible confidence.

Morgan Fulcher - Global Sponsorships Co-Director

Morgan is a very lively 14 year old freshman at Eula High School. From the first second the Youth and University Ministers began talking about Vertigo, Morgan jumped at the opportunity to help. She made it clear that she planned on making calls that very night. Immediately some "scared" people (those who didn't have enough faith) asked her to wait, and so she waited. Morgan has since given much thought to how things should work and made many suggestions to that effect.