History of Vertigo Event

The original plan for VertigoEvent was to create two sites for the 25 hour stand, one in Abilene and one in Houston. All of the collected funds would be passed to Sam's Place via the S. 11th & Willis Church of Christ.

It was then decided that the event would be planned by teens and college students. The idea was presented to the teens and college students and it exploded. VertigoEvent went from 2 sites to 10 sites in a mater of minutes, all brought about by the desire of the teens and college students.

This created a need to form a separate entity that could manage VertigoEvent for years to come. It was decided to find out what it would take to form a non-profit entity and what type of entity needed to be formed. The first person the group was referred to just happened to be a graduate student. How ironic that an event completely run by teens and college students would be looking to a college student for advice on how to set up the organization.

VertigoEvent.Org, Inc. is currently in the process of being incorporated in the State of Texas as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is governed by a board of directors as well as an advisory committee made up of teens and college students.

Though it was created out of a Church of Christ, VertigoEvent.Org was created to shine light, and bring love to the places of the world where it is almost non-existent. The board of directors believes that Christ has called people to share this love no matter who they are, what their walk in life, or whether they are Church of Christ, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, or the Boy Scouts of America. Each person is called to share the love of Christ and it is the board of directors wish that you will join with them in doing so.